Our services!

  • All about your vehicle

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    We do not only offer a great choice,
    but also a detailed individual consultation.

    If you are looking for a specific vehicle,
    we will find it for you or provide a contact
    for the desired vehicle.

    If the vehicle is supposed to be exported
    to another country or imported to Germany,
    we would be glad to hande all the export/import operations for you.

  • Cleaning and Care

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    At our place you will get professional vehicle
    maintenance for all brands and all types of cars.

    Thereby you can choose between
    different cleaning programs.

  • Everything for the industry

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    We are your partner for used and new industrial
    machinery and industrial plant, components for
    industrial machinery, trucks, excavators,
    construction machinery, lubricants and much more.

    Many years of experience in trading and mediation,
    as well as our worldwide contacts enable us to
    respond quickly to your needs.

  • Transportation routes

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    We will organize your transport…

    ship, export your vehicles and equipment.

    Our employees will take care of the export operations
    and will be glad to assist you in any matter.

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